EON-ROSE symposium & CCArray national workshop

An international symposium is planned on February 21, 2018 to launch EON-ROSE (Earth-System Observing Network and Réseau d'Observation du Système terrestrE), a proposed multi-disciplinary, multi-sector (academic-government-industry) initiative to develop a pan-Canadian research collaboration modelled after the U.S. EarthScope program. The symposium will take place in the beautiful and historic Canadian Museum of Nature.

After the symposium, there will be a smaller workshop in Ottawa (Feb. 22-23) to develop an initial funding framework for CCArray, which is planned as the first phase of the national EON-ROSE program.  Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to launching of these bold new scientific initiatives. 

EON-ROSE (Earth-system Observing Network – Réseau d'Observation du Système terrestrE) is a proposed large-scale multidisciplinary national geoscience program to establish a pan-Canadian research collaboration like the U.S. EarthScope and Canadian Lithoprobe programs.  Involving universities, government, and industry,  geoscience research will be supported and enabled through dense geophysical and geological networks of observatories.  Scientific investigations will span the core to the ionosphere and include research into resources, the environment, and natural hazards.  Enhanced operational capabilities will improve situational awareness and short-term forecasting, including early earthquake and tsunami warning, weather prediction, and forest fire detection.  The Canadian Cordillera Array (CCArray) is envisioned to be the first phase of EON-ROSE.

CCArray description

The Canadian Cordillera - the mountainous regions of western Canada - represents an exceptional natural laboratory to explore interconnected Earth systems that are critical to our understanding of scientific grand challenges related to global change. The Canadian Cordillera Array (CCArray) is a proposed international scientific initiative, spearheaded by creation of a tectonic plate-boundary scale, open-data observational network, that will enable trans-disciplinary research focused on Earth systems processes and boundaries from the core to the magnetosphere.

CCArray breakfast meeting at the AGU

A CCArray breakfast meeting will be held during the Fall AGU in New Orleans, to provide an update on the status of CCArray.

  • Where?  Hampton Inn Suites, New Orleans Convention Centre Hotel, 1201 Convention Centre Blvd; in Dauphine I
  • When?  Wednesday 13 December; 06:30 to 08:30

For more information, please contact Katherine Boggs.

AGU Fall Meeting Session S035

Session Title: Seismically surveying North America: synthesis and emerging ideas as USArray spans Alaska and the CCArray builds momentum
For more details, visit https://agu.confex.com/agu/fm17/preliminaryview.cgi/Session24626

AGU 2017 Fall Meeting Session T026

Session Title: Multidisciplinary advances in the study of the Northern Cordillera of North America
For more details, visit https://agu.confex.com/agu/fm17/preliminaryview.cgi/Session25691

CCArray Virtual Townhall Meeting

On April 26, 2017 the CCArray scientific community held a virtual townhall meeting to review the current status of the project. Notes from the meeting are available here: CCArray Townhall April 2017


Banner Image: Mount Victoria skyline from Lake Louise by Katherine Boggs