Integrated Canadian Observing Network for Earth and Space Research (ICON-ESR)

Natural hazards, environmental change, depletion of water and energy resources, and the impacts they have on human activities and infrastructure, require sustainable long-term monitoring and modelling by multidisciplinary teams of scientists, engineers and social scientists. The whole geospatial continuum from the Earth’s core to the magnetosphere can be monitored and studied at various spatial and temporal scales only by utilizing a combination of satellite and airborne remote sensing systems together with terrestrial measurements, and expertise from sciences dealing with the geo-, hydro-, cryo-, atmo-, iono-, magneto- and bio- spheres. The overall goal of the ICON-ESR initiative is therefore to establish a UCalgary-led, Canada-wide multidisciplinary fundamental research and development network (of researchers, sensors, and sciences) to study the complex Earth systems that govern and affect our planet’s changes in weather, tectonics, climate, water cycle, resources, and natural and induced hazards. This will then better enable us to not only mitigate their effects but also to improve prediction of their occurrences. With its internationally recognized research in geomatics engineering, geophysics and space physics, the UCalgary is in a prime position to lead such an initiative, which could develop into a national centre of excellence for Earth-Space Observation research.

For more information, please contact:

Michael Sideris
Principal Investigator

Banner Image: Coast Mountains of BC, Canada. Copyright: revel/123RF Stock Photo

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