The CCArray theme “Geohazards Related to Resource Development and Infrastructure” is broadly defined to cover studies focusing on geohazards that are either resulted from or may have significant impact on the safety and/or operation of the development of natural resources as well as associated facilities and infrastructure. Specific topics include, but not limit to, quantitative characterization of various types of geohazards in western Canada where developments of natural resource are on-going or planned in the near future, delineation of the sources of various geohazards that may have a significant impact on the developmental process of natural resources and the construction of facilities and infrastructure in the context of regional tectonics, and the investigation and simulation of possible interactions between the formation and evolution of geohazards and man-made activities. Two of the most noticeable geohazards related to resource development and infrastructure are induced earthquakes and triggered landslides. A multi-disciplinary approach is proposed to best address these challenging issues with observations from both seismology and space-based geodesy. Targeted case studies will be conducted for significant events with important implications for regional hazard assessment and/or regulatory considerations.

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Honn Kao
Geohazards Theme Lead

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