Concerns over climate change are largely tied to combustion of fossil fuels to meet energy demands of society. A transition to renewable non-CO2 emitting energy sources is thus critical to ensure climate stability. Compared to any other renewable, geothermal energy is by far the most reliable source of electricity. Geothermal systems can also provide excellent sources of thermal energy for communities and industry. Indicators for enormous geothermal potential exist throughout the Canadian Cordillera, including numerous thermal springs and volcanoes, yet Canada has not harnessed this energy resource. Exploration and development is hindered by lack of solid geoscience data that can help reduce the exploration risk associated with targeting deep geothermal resources. The CCArray “Geothermal Energy” theme will develop new geoscience tools to support the exploration and sustainable development of geothermal resources. Application of new geophysical methods combined with structural geology, fluid geochemistry, and rock physical properties will be used to help define the occurrence of deep seated geothermal resources that can provide a clean and reliable source of renewable energy to the nation.


For more information, please contact:

Steve Grasby

Geothermal Energy Theme Lead

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