Induced Seismicity

The Cordilleran foreland region has experienced a sharp increase in induced seismicity that has, in some cases, been linked to fault activation by hydraulic fracturing. Key to improved understanding of natural and induced seismicity and the hazards posed to people, the environment and infrastructure are detailed pictures of the relationship between seismicity and its causes – be they natural or induced and a better understanding of ground motion. CCArray research will examine the relationship of seismicity patterns to tectonic features and industrial activity associated with development of low-permeability oil and gas resources, including hydraulic fracturing and wastewater disposal.  The objective is to characterize both natural and induced-seismicity hazards and the factors that control these processes.

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David Eaton
CCArray Director

Banner image: Winter sunset over the Peace River, within an area of B.C. where induced seismicity has been observed. Copyright: visualpoetryphotography/123RF Stock Photo