The Canadian Cordillera and the adjacent continental craton have been built and modified by multiple tectonic events over the last 2+ billion years, including episodes of plate rifting, subduction, terrane accretion, and mountain-building. The CCArray Tectonic Processes Theme seeks to understand the evolution and current tectonics of western Canada, from the Earth’s surface to the upper mantle. What processes have governed the development of the Cordillera? How are these preserved in the modern structure of the continent and underlying mantle? What is the relationship between present-day plate boundaries and deformation/seismicity of western Canada? How do preexisting structures in the continental lithosphere control its evolution? These questions require an integrated approach that combines high-resolution geophysical imaging of the crust and mantle (primarily seismology and magnetotellurics), geodetic and geological observations of current and past lithosphere deformation, reconstructions of tectonic plate boundaries through time, and geodynamic studies of continental lithosphere and plate margin processes. Collectively, these methods span a range of time and space scales to provide insight into the complex tectonics that have shaped this dynamic region.

For more information, please contact:

Claire Currie
Tectonic Processes Theme Lead

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